So E3 is gone and a lot of games we’re excited about seem to be launching in the early to late stages of 2019. Is 2018 really over for gamers? Of course, not we have plenty to be excited about and sure the games we’re really looking forward too are down the road away, doesn’t mean we can’t be excited about what’s coming around the corner.  Battlefield V, Black ops 4 and Fallout 76 seem to be the big-ticket items this year but there are some surprising releases for this year to look forward too so this is the top 5 games that we’re looking forward to in 2018.

Battlefield V

Obviously, we’ll start with the surprising feature Battlefield with no season pass, no microtransactions and no loot boxes. Of course, the real question that awaits to be seen Is how EA and Dice will make money after launch with some interesting information coming in the way of ‘airdrops’ and how the ‘special edition’ has one a week, everyone has to be excited about the base gameplay. Dice and some Youtubers showed off how good it looks and to be honest it’s the best I’ve seen in the Battlefield franchise. The gameplay looks so fluid and the new fortification system looks like it will change the game for defenders for the better.

War stories is also making a return in a big way. If you haven’t played Battlefield 1, war stories are short self-contained campaign missions that involve multiple characters over different areas of the war. With this Dice can add in a different outlook on the course of WW2 from Soviet Russia to D-Day. I really hope they actually have a German war story that shows the humanity of some soldiers during the war.

One other thing Dice teased was Battle royal, I kind of know that we’re all experiencing the fatigue of battle royal games and Fortnight is clearly the king. But I am intrigued with what they will do with it. It’s interesting to contemplate a battle royal with tanks but it could get pretty old pretty fast. We’ll have to see what Dice bring to the table.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

I thought that assassin’s Creed was starting to get stale with syndicate being the worst of the worst in terms of stale gameplay and same old same old. However, Odyssey this year looks great. They have taking a leaf out of skull and bones book and brought back naval gameplay. Black flag was by far the strongest recent Assassin’s Creed game with a combination of classic gameplay and new naval gameplay. Odyssey also boasts a bigger focus on RPG elements with collectable gear and dialogue options during cutscenes. How much the dialogue options matter in game is yet to be seen, it could either be a Mass Effect style game with choices that matter or a fake sense of control with options that don’t actually do anything in the long run.

The game world is huge from the screenshots we have seen with the game’s version of Greece being divided into 27 states with their own leader. How you control those places will be on the player and should a state suffer and lose resources, another state can invade that state giving the player plenty of options on how they deal with areas.

Hitman 2

Hitman (2016) was a great game once it was fully released. What added to it was the elusive targets that appeared for a short amount of time and gave the player a restricted time to kill said target. Hitman 2 isn’t going for the episodic approach like the first game, rather they are going to launch with all areas available on launch. This was the biggest disappointment of the first game and the strongest thing they could do with the sequel. Hitman is always a chess game of what you can do and how you can get around doing it, finding the ‘accidental’ kills you can get away with while never getting noticed by the security staff. I like that IO are going for a familiar but new vibe with Hitman 2. As they say if it isn’t broke don’t fix it and the gameplay from the previous game was solid with some added twists, for example NPC’s will now be able to see Agent 47 in mirrors. We’ll see what the game launches with November but preordering now will grant them access to the Sniper Assassin Mode.

Fallout 76

The prequel to all Fallout games and the most interesting take on Fallout to date. Base building, Nuclear warfare and Multiplayer in one game sounds like a match made in heaven. Bethesda showed off gameplay and teased at the game being always online with the ability to play solo as well. How the solo elements work are yet to be seen but having a multiplayer Fallout game is something gamers have dreamed of.

From what we’ve seen there’s an emphasis on base building with friends going out and gathering resources to rebuild the wastelands while defending the base from raiders and anything the wilds can throw at it including death claws. What looks most interesting is the ‘raid’ system with parties being able to attack nuclear silos overrun with bandits and collect launch codes. Find enough launch code and you can unleash a nuclear missile on anywhere on the map. Then irradiated area after launch will provide better loot with the danger of tougher monsters and the constant risk of radiation.


GTFO is the spiritual successor to Left 4 Dead. 4 players attempt to scavenge an underground complex while creatures attempt to stop the squad. Using an AI director much like Left 4 Dead to create procedurally-generated scenarios that keep the players coming back for more. One playthrough could be completely different to your second playthrough. Judging by the by the E3 gameplay, It looks tough as nails and the E3 players didn’t survive the playthrough (always interesting to see players actually fail during an E3 playthrough rather than be Gods). GTFO will keep players interesting with different enemy types and experiences that different from game to game to keep the game fresh rather than letting it get stale.