I set myself a challenge to come up with as many ways as possible to promote your stream. It was a bit of a long list so I have broken it down into four different sections:

  • Video
  • Writing
  • Audio
  • Social Media

Video ideas to promote your stream

  1. Do a game review and promote your stream throughout
  2. Unboxing some equipment and promote your stream
  3. Vlog and vlog some more! (Keep it consistent)
  4. Create a documentary on your streaming day or why you got into streaming
  5. Let’s Play’s may be overdone on YouTube, so consider what else you could do with your gameplay content? Highlights are currently popular but what ties them together? Did anything funny happen across multiple days of streaming?
  6. Use Twitch Clips across all the social media channels such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook
  7. Consider Instagram Stories and Snapchat as places where you can keep viewers updated when you are not streaming. And why not do some while you ARE streaming… your viewers will understand — especially if you get them involved!
  8. Can you interview or be interviewed?
  9. Team up with streamer friends and join them on their channels when they are live
  10. Watch other streamers and jump into their chat, you could even become a moderator!
  11. Do something different to your usual on Twitch — why not stream in the IRL category and just chat to your followers and viewers?

Writing ideas to promote your stream

  1. Write about your streaming setup
  2. Write a review of your favourite game (new or old) — consider DLCs and mods!
  3. Start a blog about being a streamer — what experiences do you have that others don’t (growing a blog is tough so consider what readers will actually want to read!)
  4. Join the Twitch subreddit and get chatting!
  5. Can you interview game developers or designers on your favourite game? Tell other people’s stories!
  6. Write guides to your favourite games or characters
  7. Write a bunch of streaming tips and advice you have learnt in all the time you’ve been streaming (like I’m trying to do here!)

    Audio ideas to promote your stream

    1. Start a podcast with some friends on your favourite games
    2. Can you be interviewed on any related podcasts?
    3. Create a bunch of audio cues that other people can download to use as Twitch Alerts — could be musical, could be your voice, could be random noises?
    4. Your audience will recognise your voice, consider new platforms such as Anchor
    5. Some streamers like ZombiUnicorn have even made the jump into voice acting

    Social media ideas to promote your stream

    1. Post a picture of your streaming setup to Instagram, use appropriate hashtags and tag companies in it — they may ask to repost it (if it’s a great picture)
    2. Let people know your schedule on Twitter (and pin it to the top of your profile)
    3. Set up a Facebook Group and promote it during your stream (and vis-versa)
    4. Join a popular Facebook group like this one
    5. Even better — set up a Discord and chat to everyone!
    6. Why not join another Discord and be part of their community?
    7. Your Twitch community is found across all other accounts, if they all live on Instagram, spend time on Instagram
    8. Be a nice person, help other people and other streamers, spend time engaging with their content and social media posts — treat them like a IRL friend
    9. What other interests do you have? Photography, film, cooking, dogs? Use social media to show this off and start discussions with interested viewers and fellow streamers