Community Spotlight: BatMansLeftNut

Hi Tom, thank’s for taking time to talk to us. Why don’t you start by telling us a little bit about yourself?

Well to start my name is Tom or Tomo to some. i’m 25, I live in Hampshire, married and i work full time. I’m a streamer on Twitch and i’ve always been a massive gamer and like many I use playing games as an escape or something to help you wind down after work. before streaming I played a lot of singleplayer games but i found playing games on your own was getting boring and sort of lonely but I didn’t want to play multiplayer games you never really connected with anyone. I started streaming because I wanted to be able to have a conversation with someone, talk about whatevers on my mind, get stuff off your chest and have a laugh while still being able play a singleplayer game. I’ve been streaming for just over 7 months now and i have no intention of stopping.



How did BatMansLeftNut come about?

The name BatMansLeftNut came around a long long time ago and I’ve used it way before i started streaming. if you ask me in stream the story will always changes as i like to make up allaborate stories for a laugh. I am a huge batman fan and back in college my nickname used to be batman as noone knew my name but I always wore a batman top of some sort so it kinda stuck. The rest of the name I’ll leave a mystery. maybe one day I’ll tell the true story.

When you had no viewers, how did you stay motivated and what did you do to attract people?

The way I stayed motivated when I had no viewers was making sure i kept talking and not looking at the view count at all. I used to find it difficult to randomly talk about stuff so to would prepare a list of topics before streaming that way if, struggled to talk about stuff I had that lifeline. Staring at the view count only ever bogged me down at the beginning so, stopped looking so that I could stay consistent with my energy level and people knew what to expect every time they came into stream whether it be at the start, middle or end. For attracting people into the stream I found joining other streaming communities on discords to be a massive help as if you don’t ask, you don’t get. have those conversations with people, talking about your goals or your passions. 9/10 people from those people in those communities will come by and say hello to support and from there the ball starts rolling. Twitter is also a big help as there are whatever account that retweet your tweets if you tag them in, so I’d tweet about going live with my link and tag them in. Basically free advertising.



What advice would you give to someone who is looking to get more involved in the Twitch community?

I would say go for it! I encourage anyone to do it but just make sure you do it for the right reasons. What I mean by that is if you are wanting to do it because you want to make money, I tend to find that your going to be dissapointed as it will be a while before you see anything.



Have you got anything big planned over the next 6/12 months?

I’m looking to give my stream a bit of a Batman over the next few months, minor tweaks to the elaborate to make it “better” experience and I’m looking to start getting involved in more projects/collaborations with streamers and businesses. I recently hosted a charity event which was a massive successno oneand it felt good collaborating with some many people who share the same passion and goal.


What do tend to play on Stream?

Depends on what day you catch me I guess. I stream a Variety as each day of the week has a theme of some sort. So Mondays Is Manic Mondays (First person shooter game), Tuesday is Terrfied Tuesday (Horror game) Wednesdays is WTF Wednedays (Community voted multiplayer game) and Friday is Fright Night Friday (Horror game).


What was a real turning point for your stream?

I think it was when i got Twitch Affliate and when some who hadn’t been in the chat long subscribed to me. That was really humbling as it said to me someone enjoys my content enough to want to help support it further. nearly cried when it happened.


Anything else you would like to add?

If you ever want to start streaming have a consistent schedule as when I first started streaming i did it whenever I felt like it but I would never get consistent views, if any. when I stuck to a schedule, people started to come back more and more because they knew when i was on and what I’d be playing. I dont think you should stream hours and hours every day because its Quality over Quantity and streaming too much can burn you out and you may not give your best. Start small and just keep moving the goals posts to within your limits.


Visit his Twitch channel here:


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