Nathan reviews our brand new Click – RGB Mechanical Feel keyboard.

Ecstatic. That is all.

That can’t even describe how I feel doing my first keyboard review for GameMax for their brand new Click Mechanical Feel Keyboard, and their first keyboard released in a few years, big news for GameMax! This entire review was written on the Click and it was a pleasure.

Here we have the Click Mechanical Feel keyboard from GameMax, a very sturdy, well-built keyboard with Mechanical Feel keys and RGB. The keyboard is mainly constructed of a very solid plastic with a solid metal plate covering the arrow keys all the way up to Print Screen, Scroll lock and Pause Break.

Taking a closer look at the box it comes in, you are greeted with a very stylish sleek black box that shows off a graphic of the keyboard and its glowing RGB function. On the back of the box is a blurb about the Clicks Specifications, telling you its multimedia keys and keystroke durability. I will dive into more about this later!

My first impressions on opening the box for the Click is that keyboard is nicely wrapped in a plastic foam wrap with its USB cable nicely wrapped and stored under a cardboard compartment to keep it secure and protected, while also keeping the USB end away from the keyboard to not scratch it, also included is a detailed leaflet on how to use the function media keys and to adjust the RGB settings.

Here is an overview on the keyboard’s specifications as listed on the box and on the official page for the Click.

  • Single USB Connectivity
  • Full 105 key keyboard
  • 12 Multimedia includes that include Volume, Pause, Skip, Home and Mail
  • 10 Million keystrokes
  • Anti-Ghosting of 19 Keys
  • 7 RGB Colours: Red, Green, Yellow, Purple and Cyan
  • RGB Cycle with FN and the dedicated LED button


The click also features 4 drain holes underneath the keys at the front, for accidental spillages of certain beverages and the keys are specifically designed to be detached from the keyboard to add additional ease of clean and maintenance to your Click.

Being a mechanical “feel” keyboard I am always dubious with these sorts of keyboards, but I can honestly say this is the closest I’ve felt to real mechanical from a non-mechanical keyboard that retails for £20.99. I own multiple mechanical keyboards for my PC’s and even for my computer at my place of work, so If I were to compare the feel on the Click to the wide range of mechanical switches currently available I would say these come closest to Cherry MX Blue’s with the punchy stroke and the satisfying “click” hence the name.

The keys are very responsive and I can confirm that when the click action is felt and heard, that is when the action of the key triggers. I say this as I’ve had Mechanical “Feel” keyboards in the past where the click on the keys is just an aesthetic, where on the Click keyboard it serves as a purpose, this allows gamers to action keys quicker if they can master the pressure of the quick.


Final Thoughts

The Click comes at a very affordable price without compromising on the construction, RGB and ease of maintenance. I highly recommend this keyboard to beginners and veterans alike because of its incredible build quality and it’s ridiculously low low price of £20.99! I’ve personally never had a keyboard so cheap without it feeling “cheap”


Written by

Nathan Burt 


The Game Max focus is gaming products to enable everyone to have a great experience without breaking the bank.